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We provide 24/7  Call Support. Chat Support.

get started with Grampulse Billing software

How to make Bill?

Login to dashboard
– Look for make bill option
– First click on Make Bill
– Go to customer name, Search customer by phone numbers
– Here you Got two option New customer and Existing customer with his/her phone number
– First option if Customer exists, it shows the name of that person and also previous visit detail
– Second option if Customer is New, it shows to add Customer (click on add customer and enter the all details of client)
– Select date for the bill
– Add service name (which service She/he has taken), staff name, quantity and price, GST
– Apply discount by either % or amount if you want
– You got the overall bill
– You can also create the bill with products, packages and offers service same as above.


In appointments you got two options:- (a) View appointments (b) Add appointments
(a) View appointments
– In view appointments, you can view all your schedule appointments with the detailed description of your customer like customer name, date and time.
(b) Add appointments
– Click on appointments
– Add customer name, number, email, notes
– Select service and packages
– Add appointment date, time and venue
– Click on submit button and create the new appointment


Here you got two options:- (a) View customers (b) Add customers
(a) View customers
– In view customers you can view the all detail of your regular and pervious customers, like customers name, phone number, total sales and Redeem points
(b) Add customers
– Click on add customers
– Look for customer detail form
– Add customer email address, phone number, name and source (where he/she know about salon)
– Then on other side add birthday date, anniversary, location, gender and customer remarks
– Click the submit button and save the all detail of client.

Products Inventory

In product feature you can manage your all inventory record.
This feature is also divided in two parts:- (a) View products (b) Add products
(a) View Products
– Click on view product (got all detail of inventory products)
– Here is two option search by product name and reset search
– With help of search by product name you can search the particular product
– By click on reset search option you can back to all record detail
(b) Add products
– Select to add products
– Add product name, price, quantity
– Click on product status for active or inactive
– In Last click on submit button and save the detail


A services that you offer to your clients can be manage in this
This feature you also got in two ways: – (a) View services (b) Add services
(a) View services
In view services you can view all services which are added and provide by you to your clients
– Click on view service
– Here is two options available to manage view services
– First one search by service name, with help of this you can search particular service
– Second is reset search, this option is help you to back on service list again
(b) Add services
In this feature you can add new services
– Click on add service
– Add service name and price


Here is one very good feature packages, which is help you to increase your business. This feature is divide in two parts:- (a) View Packages (b) Add Packages
(a) View Packages
– Click of view packages, After that you can view all packages list by name, price and active or inactive status.
(b) Add Package
With help of this feature you can provide many services to your client in one package
– Firstly click on add package
– Add package name
– Select the services which are you want to add in package
– Add package price
– click on active or inactive status
– In last click on submit button for save the package


Main feature for your business, which helps to manage the staff details in two ways:- (a) View staff (b) Add staff
(a) View staff
– Click on view staff feature and can view all active and inactive staff members list
(b) Add staff
This feature for
– Click on add staff
– Add name of new staff member
– Click on active or inactive status and in last submit


Its very important and major feature for your beauty business. This feature helps you to manage all things of your business. Record feature divide in two parts:- (a) Sales record (b) Staff record
(a) Sales record
In sales record can view all detail of your sales and income
– Click on sales record
– View Total Billing cost and total sales
– Can also view Particular month and months sales (By help of select the month start to from)
– You can also view particular customer sale with help of her/his number
– Here is reset search button which is help you to back on all billing cost
– You can download all sales record of your business on excel sheet
(b) Staff record
In staff record feature you can view all staff members sales. With help of this you can easily decide their commission and incentives.
– Click on Staff record
– View total billing cost and total sales
– Can also view Particular month and months sales (By help of select the month start to from)
– You can also view particular staff member sales with help of her/his name
– Here is reset search button which helps you to back on all billing cost
– You can download all staff members record details on excel sheet


Here is one amazing feature which is help you to extend you business on next level. This feature is divide in to three parts:- (a) Offers (b) SMS (c) Facebook/Instagram
(a) Offers
(a.1) View offer (a.2) Add offer
(a.1) View offer
– click on view offers and see the list of offers
– Can also view particular thing like offer name, start date, end date and source
– Here is reset search button which helps you to back on list again
(a.2) Add offer
– First click on add offers
– Add offer name, service, start date and price
– Then on other side select product, packages, end date and source
– Click on submit button for save the detail
(b) SMS
SMS is the easy way to connect with customers. So with help of this service can easily send offers and promotion messages to clients.
– Click on SMS
– Add date and offer message
– Then choose offer template and upload
– At last click on submit button
(c) Facebook/Instagram
Online Booking
With help of software you can publish and start online booking on Facebook and Instagram.

My Profile

In this feature you save your all detail which is relate to your business.
– Click on my profile
– Add Email address, phone number, company name, Address
– Select company logo and Upload
– Click on submit button

Customer Wallet/Membership

This service is for those clients who will deposit large amount.
– Click on add wallet
– Add phone number
– Add date
– Amount deposited
– Click on submit


Can I change plans?

Yes, you can change your plans anytime according to your business demand.

Can I upload my data?

Yes, you can easily upload your data manually or with the help of excel sheet

I have multiple locations, will Grampulse work for me?

Yes of course you can easily manage this software for many locations.

Can I download my data?

Yes, you can easily download your data on daily basis/weekly basis/monthly basis.

How can I renew my subscription?

You can renew your subscription via online payment mode.
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